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the secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on creating the new


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the #outruncancer story has evolved since September 2012 when it started with a promise to run every day - here are a few of the stories 

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the running starts - what inspired me to run everyday

It was raining today when my alarm went off at 5am.  I looked out the window and thought hmmm… I’m not going to run now – I’ll run later when I get home tonight.... 

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A promise has led to a passion, and will soon result in a record breaking achievement for one former Waikato woman.

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Marathon runner's global conquest inspires mother and son

Caroline says dealing with cancer has made her realise how many people of all different walks of life are affected by the illness.

She wants to raise awareness of the value of getting health checks.

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5,000 Miles Apart, Two Women Try to Outrun Cancer Together - Runner's World

Ask any runner why they run and you’ll rarely get the same answer. Whether it’s the community it gives, the outlet it provides, or the simple joy of lacing up and getting out, we all have our reasons.

But for two New Zealand natives, it’s a bit more complicated. Their answer? Cancer.

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Thousands Of Miles Apart, 2 Friends #outruncancer Together - ONLY A GAME

"Cancer for me, at least ... it shakes your confidence. You think you're this healthy person, and suddenly — you're not."

On mission to out run cancer - WAIKATO TIMES

For five years Vanessa Oshima has been running everyday to support those she loves who are battling cancer. But when she began she had no idea that eventually she'd be running to help save her own life.

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Former Matamata College student organises global flash mob run to #outruncancer

A former Matamata woman and marathon runner is organising a global flash mob run to raise support for people battling cancer.

Vanessa Oshima, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, is also organising the event #outruncancer to mark a personal goal.

By March 3, she would have run every day, for 2000 consecutive days.

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