I sat in the doctors office with my husband Yasu. My doctor told me “you have cancer”. I grabbed Yasu’s hand and just stared at the floor. My head was buzzing, my heart was pounding. The doctor was talking but I couldn’t hear. Yasu held my hand the whole time. I needed my mum, dad, brother but they were so far away. 
He held my hand as the doctor explained the next steps. And I felt the tears rising up. 
He held my hand as we drive home and I felt like I could not breathe. 
He held my hand as he contacted our sons. 
As we went to bed he held my hand. 1 year ago Today was the start of a hard road. But it was made so much easier by all the people around me. The day after my diagnosis my best girlfriends came together to support me. 6 weeks later my running crew started running for me. 

Vanessa Oshima