#outruncancer Flashmob concept

#outruncancer flashmob runs are simple to organize. Our concept is to have a "common FINISH LINE and common FINISH TIME". Most running events have a common START time, but ours are about FINISHING together - because that is the goal of cancer survivors and supporters - to all finish together! You can run whatever distance,  run together or alone, fast or slow, just finish together (and you can of course start together if you want to- but let's finish together too!)

Please make sure your goal location is OK with a flashmob group of people arriving there, don't run in locations that are restricted or prohibited and obey road rules. And please make sure your participants have consulted with their doctors as needed... so how do you host a run?  


Host a Flashmob

It's really quite simple - and its all about supporting each other, connecting survivors and supporters, running and being healthy ... and having FUN.  Let us know when you plan to do your flashmob and we will put it up on the events page!

Name *
Add in a facebook event group link if you have one and we will add that to the event so people can register
Date *
what day are you planning to run?
Flash Mob #outruncancer location *
Flash Mob #outruncancer location
Let us know where the planned finish line is! It can be a park, a restaurant, your house. Be specific so people can find you. Just make sure you are not breaking the law and get permission as needed for public locations.
Finish time *
Finish time
what is the finish time for the run - when we all flash mob together to #outruncancer
Tel us what your run is about. Give it a name. eg #outruncancer for Jane, Isle Of Man #outruncancer
Add any information here that you want about your run. eg we will do coffee after at starbucks, please wear yellow, we will START together at 9am
sharing the run *
Are you ok for us to make your run public