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The everyday challenge is simple in theory, but sometimes hard in execution. Basically you commit to run everyday (at least one mile - thats 1.6 km). It can be indoors on a treadmill  or outdoors. Your run has to finish within that calendar day - so by 11.59pm. 

Believe it or not there is an association of people that run every day and the world record is actually over 40 years!!!! CRAZY!  If you would like to join them you can find them here on Facebook as streakrunners international.  

take care

Running everyday is not easy, make sure that you have the right gear to begin with! Listen to your body and your doctors. Although running is a healthy positive lifestyle, it is a strain on your body. Eat well, Rest well, hydrate. Have good shoes, good training wear for winter etc. And I highly recommend foam rollers and massage sticks! 

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