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Caroline Steer

#runner #survivor #co-founder

Caroline is the reason #outruncancer started. It was a simple comment to Vanessa that she felt inspired by Vanessa's run, that lead to a promise of Vanessa running everyday. Caroline lives in New Zealand with her husband and 4 children. She has also become an "streak runner" - not the naked kind the every day kind as she runs to support Vanessa in her fight against cancer. Now as she laces up everyday, she wants to spread the message of getting checked, being active and healthy and creating support networks for survivors and their friends and family.


Vanessa Oshima

#runner #survivor #Co-Founder

Vanessa's journey with cancer started at age 29, when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. As a supporter she learned the real challenges mentally, physically and financially that cancer brings to a family. In 2012, she started running every day in support of Caroline her high school friend. Based in Tokyo she  runs everyday and uses the hashtag #outruncancer to share her runs with Caroline. In Feb 2017, Vanessa moved from supporter to survivor as she was diagnosed with cancer. She continued to run every day through surgery and treatments. She has completed the 6 major marathons and truly believes in the power of running (physically and mentally) to be a positive force in bringing quality of life. 

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Daphne Mavroudi-Chocholi 

#supporter #coach #co-founder

Daphne joined the #outruncancer team as a coach to Vanessa. After surgery Vanessa lost a lot of mobility and strength and turned to Daphne for help on how to get her strength back. Daphne's approach to fitness and wellness is holistic making it perfect for the rehabilitation journey with cancer. Looking at body, mind and nutrition she is providing simple (do anywhere - you don't have to be at a gym) training programs for survivors and supporters. A healthy lifestyle -  mind and body is the first step to beating cancer! 


Rexine Hawes

#supporter #runner #media

Rexine joins the #outruncancer team as our media content wizard! She first started writing about Vanessa and Caroline's journey back in 2016. Going through all the ups and downs. Rexine has a knack for listening and then getting to the heart of the story.  Her family has been touched by cancer and she brings compassion to the voices of cancer. Rexine is also taking on a 250 day running challenge. Rexine will help with any media queries.  

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Jordan Oshima

#supporter #getmoving event co-ordinator

Jordan has been on the supporter side of Cancer since he was 2 years old.  His father was diagnosed when Jordan was just a baby, he used to do "Yogurt" (the way he talked about Yoga) with his dad after radiotheraphy treatments. Jordan is Vanessa's son and the day after she was diagnosed, asked bluntly "but you are going to be OK aren't you? what can I do to help?"  He is a sportsman and also understands the power of sport and teams. On the #outruncancer team he is co-ordinating the events and flashmobs.