Every cancer journey is different and unique, but one thing is true for everyone, you body is put under a lot of stress from surgery and treatments. And we believe that getting moving is not only physically great it is mentally fantastic too. We think getting stronger shou  Regaining mobility and strength post any surgey is a long process. wants you to be safe and get stronger. We are providing ideas but as we do not know your individual cases we cannot be held liable. So we ask that you consult with your doctors and health support team before doing any of these exercises.  Coach Daphne can also be followed at @daphnemc on instagram

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Training videos

Here we will be sharing short videos showcasing exercises one can do anywhere and at any time with limited or no equipment

Always warm up before any exercise! we will help with that

Videos are split by level of fitness - please consult with your health support team and listen to your body.

Beginner Workout - for shoulder and chest strength.  Uploaded by Coach Daphne on 2018-02-19.